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IFS Summer Camp



For IFS Therapists & Practitioners

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Camp Leaders

Camp is organized by Risa Adams and led by different facilitators each year.

In 2023 Seth Kopald was our teacher and this year Sarah Jarvis and Dr. Steve Chee will co-lead.

Robin Beardsley

“This camp was so rejuvenating last year. Time for connection and reflection and the meals were amazing. I was able to learn more about how I experience Self Energy and how I can have a deeper relationship with my parts while also feeling supported by a loving accepting community."

Conrad Sichler

“Last year, IFS Summer Camp was a magical and nourishing time for all present.  The days unfolded in a generous and spacious way.  There was time to learn from Seth Kopald, our retreat’s teacher, as well as plenty of openness for all of the participants to share their gifts and knowledge with one another.  We played silly games at night, and there were daily dips in the swimming hole for many.  By the end of the five days, it somehow felt like weeks had passed in the ceremonial space and time of our gathering.”

Shannon Collins

"IFS Summer Camp was such an amazing time to disconnect and connect more deeply. It opened my system up to play, trying new ways of connecting, movement, beautiful people and deepening. Highly recommend it!"


If you are an IFS-informed Therapist or Practitioner interested in Summer Camp please click below for all info & to apply!

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